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about our process

The Interior Design Experience

We want to help people live better, and approach our clients and their environments with a wellness centered mindset. Working from the inside out, we pay respect and attention to all the senses, enabling us to create thoughtfully composed, minimal environments with diversely layered elements. Each project is an active collaboration with the client, built to suit their needs while telling a distinctive visual story.  Find out more... 

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range of services

What we can help you with...

We offer a wide spectrum of interior design services, serving the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond. In addition to working with some of the finest architects, contractors, and retail showrooms, we have an extensive resource library at our fingertips for all type and scale of commercial and residential projects. We pride ourselves of seeking and cultivating relationships with a wide range of artisans and workrooms to suit all your design needs.  Learn more...

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before and after

Our Transformations


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To see what we've been up to behind the scenes (schlepping vintage scores, our growing rug obsession, project progress updates, and what's inspiring us), we welcome you to follow along our designer diaries on Instagram (@lauren_martin_moro) . . .